Waterproof Camo Beach Bag, Drawstring Backpack

Waterproof Camo Beach Bag, Drawstring Backpack

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This Waterproof Camo Beach Bag is perfect for the man who needs to carry lots of things to do his favorite sport or leisure activity.

This bag measures 14" tall by 10" wide by 3" deep. It can hold a swim towel, goggles, or an extra pair of gym clothes. It is made with board short fabric for the exterior. This makes the exterior water repellant and the interior is made of waterproof canvas with will not absorb water. Especially handy when you throw your wet towels or wet bathing suit in there.

The 2 front zipper pockets are large enough to hold your keys and wallet.

Coming soon...a matching waterproof zip bag for your phone or other devices.

This bag should not be put in the washing machine. Please use a clean damp cloth to spot clean as needed. If the bag gets wet very often, spray with a vinegar water mixture and wipe down to remove any smells that may occur.