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Personalized Pet Blanket, Monogrammed Pet Blanket


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Does your pet need a blanket to keep warm? Or are you looking for an adorable blanket to add to your pets accessories? These monogrammed fleece pet blankets are just perfect for any use you can think of.

This personalized pet blanket is a perfect way to protect your car seats or sofa while your pet is on it. You can also put it in your pet carrier to make your pet more comfortable while traveling.

This blanket is made of double sided fleece but isn’t heavy at all. It does hold in warmth well and will keep your pet warm and stylish.

This blanket comes in 3 sizes:
Small: 24’ x 28” perfect for cats and small dogs
Medium: 39” x 31” perfect for medium sized pets
Large : 39” x 35” perfect for larger dogs