It’s Gonna Be May – A Petite Stitchery Story

**This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase using one of the links in my post, I may receive a small payment, which contributes to my fabric buying addiction.

The Juliet pattern by Petite Stitchery holds a special place in my heart and my closet. You may have noticed that I have blogged about Juliet before. I couldn’t help but make another one for this special blog tour.

When I found out this blog tour titled “It’s Gonna Be May”, my brain immediately thought about my sweetheart Justin Timberlake.

Planning for the tour

With JT in my head and the music of *NSYNC playing in the background, I started brainstorming 90’s fashion.  My plan was to make a bomb 90’s/00’s outfit with the Juliet and the Sundance skirt based on a photo I found on Pinterest. But Oh Snap! Unfortunately, I will have to save that idea for the next time I need to dress like the 90’s, Wazzzzzap!

It was time to brainstorm again and come up with a different outfit.  With advice from a sewing friend,  I decided that since I haven’t made the skirt that is in the Juliet pattern, this would be a great time to try it out.  I now had an idea on which direction I wanted to go with my Juliet.  Even though this outfit isn’t 100% 90’s, I still think that it is a Stylin’ outfit. (Y’all see what I did there!?)

The Juliet Skirt

I received some black faux stretch leather in a mystery box from Simply by Ti and I knew I wanted to make a Juliet skirt with it. After washing my leather in cold water and hanging it to dry, I got to work cutting out the Juliet skirt. I cut on the mini cut line for the skirt because I love the shorter skirts on me due to the fact that I’m on the short side.  The only modification that I made to this pattern is that I cut a shorter waistband than the pattern suggests because I didn’t want to fold it down.  I want to make something else with the faux stretch leather and I knew I wouldn’t have enough to cut the full waistband from the cut chart. From cut to finish, this skirt took less than 30 minutes.

The Juliet Bodysuit

When deciding on fabric for this Juliet, I found this pink buffalo plaid Double Brushed Polyester from So Sew English in my stash. I thought it went perfect with the black leather skirt. I lined my bodysuit with some black Double Brushed Polyester from my stash as well.

For my bodysuit, I used the tall size small pattern piece and since I have a major swayback (from almost 20 years of dance) I cut on the swayback line. I have learned that I need to make a swayback adjustment on all my pattern pieces so that I get the perfect fit for me.

Styling my Outfits

Since I live in Houston, this will certainly be a great cool weather outfit. Although, I did have a lot of fun doing this photoshoot today. In keeping with the theme, I decided to style my Juliet as I once did in middle school. Who remembers the way we used to roll our jeans? You can laugh at me…I know I sure did!

I also couldn’t decide how I like my hair best for this outfit. Nor could I pick which shoes I liked best. I have some really high heels and some great boots.

may blog tour - 5

Thanks for reading my blog about my slight 90’s obsession and my Juliet Bodysuit and Skirt.  Please don’t forget to visit all the sites on the blog tour and enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway at the end of this post.

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April 24th:

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April 26th:

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