Petite Stitchery Runway Raglan – The Remix Featuring Emerson

I have been sewing off and on for almost 20 years now.  I have always used patterns, never venturing off the beaten path, just making beautiful things by following the directions.  I made my first modification last year when I was making dresses for the live action Beauty and the Beast movie.  I will write a blog post on my first modifications for these Beauty and the Beast dresses at later date.

When the tester call went out for the Runway Raglan, I immediately took to pinterest and started searching for styles that I love.  I found a few styles that I loved but I really loved the design that Ashley came up with.  It was a very simple yet nice design.  I made a few tops for me and my children (hubby didn’t get one since the men’s pattern isn’t ready yet).

While making the ones for me, I decided that I wanted a different look.  I wanted a larger neckline to have more of an off the shoulder look.  I made this one out of waffle knit fabric from a destash in the So Sew English group on Facebook.  Once I was ready to add the neckband, I decided that I wanted to try trimming 1/2″ off of the neckline.  I tried it on and the neckline was perfect but then decided that it needed to be a little wider since I needed to add the neckband.  After trimming another 1/2″ off of the neckline, I added the neckband and it was perfection.

Darla - S - Mod - 2Darla - S - Mod - 6

For my next modification, I did something very amazing…well at least to me.  I took a pattern that was only written to be a top and made it a dress.  I tested the Emerson pattern.  This pattern is amazing and I love it as a top but days before the release I saw our local traffic girl wearing a v neck curved hem DRESS.  I brought my kids to school and immediately got to work mashing up the Emerson top and the Runway Raglan Dress version.  I can do a more detailed tutorial if any needs but basically I lined up the underarms but kept the slim bodice of the Emerson so I had to scoot my pattern pieces over a bit.  The only other modification that I made to it was to smooth out the hip curve.  This is my first mash up so that could just be my inexperience.   I think this mash up worked out perfectly and it is a dream in Navy Laura Floral double brushed poly from So Sew English.

Aff links

Emerson Top –

Runway Raglan –

Emerson Runway - 1Emerson Runway - 5

Emerson Runway - 3
Ha…my heel sunk into the grass!

Emerson Runway - 8


Thanks for reading about my modifications and mashups!  Happy Sewing!

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