Floral Wars and a Tami Hoodie

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Tami - DVFW - 6

I love the Tami Hoodie.  This is the 3rd one that I have made and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.  I have so many other hoodie patterns and raglan patterns but I can’t seem to stray away from the Tami Hoodie.  I have made the Tami with regular cuffs and thumbhole cuffs. Now that I think of it I need to dedicate an entire blog post to all my Tami’s. That is now added to my to do list.  If you wish to purchase the Tami Hoodie you can do so here.

Tami - DVFW - 5

For this Tami, I used a Darth Vader panel for the front bodice and the Floral Wars coordinate from Knitorious Fabric for the main hood, sleeve cuffs, and the bottom band.  For the back bodice, sleeves, and the hood lining, I used solid black cotton lycra from Seweird Fabric.  Both of these fabrics are amazing in quality.  The cotton lycra is readily available but the Darth Vader panel and the Floral Wars coordinate are very hard to find.

For the Darth Vader Tami Hoodie, I did the long length bodice, thumbhole cuffs, and a lined hood (not part of the pattern).  I don’t think I have ever made a hood unlined.  I like not having to hem the top part of the hood.  In order to make a lined hood on any pattern with a hood option, I cut 4 hood pieces (2 of my main fabric and 2 of my lining fabric).  I sew the right side of the hood to the left side of the hood (right sides together) in the main fabric and the lining fabric.  Then I sew the main hood and the lining hood together right sides together. Finally, I topstitch the top/front part of the hood but that is optional and is more so that the hood stays put and doesn’t show too much of the lining fabric or get wonky (technical term) in the front.

Tami - DVFW - 12

If you know me, you know that I LOVE all things Star Wars.  I decided to have a lot of fun with my photo shoot so I grabbed my sons lightsaber and had a blast.  I hope you enjoy these fun pics in my favorite hoodie.

Tami - DVFW - 2Tami - DVFW - 4Tami - DVFW - 3Tami - DVFW - 1

I can’t wait to make more of these cute fandom items with the custom fabric that I have.

Thanks for reading and keep sewing!


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