When my child requests me to make them something…I do it!

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Within reason, when any of my children ask for me to make them something, I usually do it. Don’t you? A few weeks ago, I received a flyer from my 1st grader for a Decades Dance performance. Her grade was assigned the 70’s and 80’s. I tried to find out from the teacher if each class was assigned a song so that I could determine if I would be able to narrow it down to one decade. I found out that the entire 1st grade was doing the same songs. Then I tried to figure out what those songs were, so I could work around that. I slowly found out that they were dancing to Eye of the Tiger, Ghostbusters, and ABC 123 by the Jackson 5. I could work with those options. Upon discussing it with my daughter, she requested that I make her something Ghostbusters. I originally thought of making a tan dress resembling the jumpsuit that the Ghostbusters wore when they were busting. Unfortunately I could not find a tan fabric that looked right. The afternoon before, I decided that I would just have to go with a simple shirt with a Ghostbusters appliqué on it. Instead of dragging 3 kids to buy a premade shirt, I decided that it would be easier to just make one.

I used the CKC Sydney raglan pattern as the base for my Ghostbusters appliqué. Another reason for using a shirt that I made myself is that it is so much easier to put the embroidery hoop on just the front of the shirt as opposed to having to move the back of the shirt out of the way and watch the machine while it works. This way I could cut out and sew up what I could of the shirt while my machine was appliquéing.

My daughter also wanted a skirt to dance in. She is always asking me for skirts even though she lives in leggings. So back to the drawing board. Circle skirts are very easy and very quick to sew. So I made her a matching circle skirt using just the skirt portion of the Petite Stitchery Girls Rory top and dress. I roll hemmed the bottom on my serger and it came out so pretty. Makes my OCD heart so happy.

She loves her Ghostbusters outfit and I think it looks adorable!

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