Petite Stitchery The Flirt Dress

The Flirt Dress is the new release from Petite Stitchery & Co.  I love this dress.  I had so much fun making it and it was one of the fastest sews that I have made yet.  This dress has a very elegant yet classic look.  The blouse is attached to the skirt.  I made the short sleeved fitted skirt version but the pattern has plenty of options for you to try out.


I love the soft feel of double brushed polyester.  It is so soft and it never disappoints me.  I used a navy double brushed polyester that I purchased from So Sew English a while back and the skirt is an unknown knit fabric that I purchased from a destash sale.  I love this fabric and have already made myself some undies with it (future blog post).  Here are a few more images of the Flirt Dress.

I was so excited about this pattern and all the options but I knew I wanted to make it with a fitted skirt only.  My inspiration for that came during a grocery shopping trip to Walmart.  I heard my name from some $4 leggings in the women’s department so off I trotted.  There I found some butterfly leggings and this pink with black x’s.  When I came home, I washed and immediately cut out the skirt in the pink with x’s.  I think it turned out amazing.  The only modification to the pattern was to add 1″ at the top of the skirt to account for the elastic and turndown (and of course the omission of the blouse).

Back to the fabric stash I went and I found this amazing mermaid scale fabric that I bought from HAPA fabrics to match some little mermaid panels and fabric.  I couldn’t resist making myself a mermaid skirt.  Here it is paired with a top from Target.

My inner mermaid wanted to shine so I went ahead and adjusted that top into a crop.

The pattern has options for mini and knee length fitted skirts as well as a flowy knee length and maxi length.  It also has 3 sleeve lengths, so it really has everything you could want.  You can purchase the pattern at (affiliate link)!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about these new outfits and the pattern.  I hope you check it out.

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