The Rulo by George and Ginger

The Rulo Top and Dress is on sale until tomorrow (1/26/18) for $6.75! This is the most versatile patten that I have come across. It has 2 bodice styles (Dolman and regular), 4 lengths (crop, top, tunic, and dress), a straight sleeve, a full bell sleeve, and a tiered sleeve that you can add 1, 2, or 3 bells to. Such a great variety. I have made the crop with full bell sleeves (Texas French terry fabric) and tunic length with double bell sleeves (solid gray). I have also made the top length in a sweater knit with a single bell sleeve except I used the smallest tier since I didn’t have enough fabric for other tiers. It came out really nice and I can’t wait to get some great pics of it.

Today I was able to cut out a dress version for myself with 3 tiers as well as a Dolman version with a single bell sleeve. I can not wait to make the ones that I have cut out as well as a million other versions.

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