Sunday Crafting Update 1/14/18

Good evening!  As I write this, I am reheating a pot of gumbo and cooking a pot of yummy rice.  This was a very good week for my craft goals.  I was able to sew up 2 Bliss Cold Shoulder tops (shown below), another pair of Fusion Leggings, 3 hoodies for a test (I can’t show these yet:-(), and I started on a t shirt for my son (I can’t show this one either because it is for a test too).

Last Sunday, I found a few projects that I had started throughout last year and I was able to finish them.  I started on a blanket for my youngest daughter and as of today I am between 1/4 to 1/2 of the way done.

I just finished my to do sewing list for next week and it includes some major awesomeness.  I also tested a pattern that is releasing tomorrow and will be writing a blog post on that soon!

Thanks for reading and Happy Sewing!


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