Sewing Goals

Week 1 of 2018 brought me lots of sewing.  Most of which I can not share until later because they are pattern tests and the patterns haven’t been released yet.

I have joined a few sewing groups on Facebook which prompted me to sit down and plan out my sewing and crochet goals for 2018.  My craft goals are to sew 3-5 items a week, crochet 1-2 items (or get to a certain point on a blanket or large project, keep up with 2 temperature blankets (one from last year since it turned out to be an amazing weather year), and FINISH all handmade gifts before Halloween!

Here is the progress on my 2017 temperature blanket.

I decided to go ahead and restart it because we had some really crazy weather events. In August, there was Harvey and while we didn’t flood it was still a very stressful time. And, in early December, it snowed. I also want to add special colors for my families birthdays and the day my granny died.

Last week, I also finished a blanket that will go to a very dear friend as well as a scarf.

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